European Regions Airlines Association welcomes newest member: Air Corsica


ERA (European Regions Airline Association) is delighted to announce its newest airline member, Air Corsica. 

Air Corsica is the regional airline of Corsica, the Mediterranean island located south east of the French mainland and west of the Italian Peninsula. Established 30 years ago to give Corsica control over its air transport, it continues today to strengthen its results and contribute to the tourism development of the island. Serving 16 airports from Corsica to mainland France and Europe with a total of 31 routes (15 operated all year round and 16 seasonal routes only operated in summer), the airline’s fleet is composed of one ATR 42-500, six ATR 72-500s, four Airbus A320ceos and two Airbus A320neos. These air links represent around 25,000 annual flights and up to 100 flights per day during the summer season.

ERA Director General Montserrat Barriga says: “I am very pleased to welcome Air Corsica into ERA membership. Air Corsica is a prime example of an airline providing essential regional connectivity, contributing to the economic and social development of the island. I have no doubt they will be an excellent addition to our community, which comprises more than 50 airline members, and further strengthen ERA’s established voice in the aviation industry.

Luc Bereni, Chief Executive of Air Corsica, adds: “I’m delighted Air Corsica has joined ERA. I’ve been impressed by the association and the essential support it provides in protecting our common interests. ERA is clearly committed to key topics that are equally important to Air Corsica and effect our daily lives, such as the environment, passenger rights and PSO routes. I look forward to working with them and our counterparts from a wide selection of European airlines as part of their key networking activities.


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