ARJ21 of Air China completes inaugural flight and enters into operation

ARJ21 aircraft of Air China completed its inaugural flight on July 10th, 2020. Courtesy Air China

ARJ21-700 aircraft newly introduced by Air China Limited flew Flight CA1109 from Beijing Capital International Airport to Xilinhot Airport at 07:47 on July 10th, 2020, completing its inaugural flight successfully and entered into route operation officially.

Before the departure of the inaugural flight, a short ceremony was held at the Capital Airport. Several authorities congratulated Air China on the successful inaugural flight of the first ARJ21 aircraft. For most of the passengers taking this inaugural flight, it is the first time to take a China-made aircraft.

A team welcomed the inaugural flight at Xilinhot Airport. Mr Chai Weixi presented an Air-China-customized ARJ21 model on behalf of Air China. Ulan Muqir artists dressed in national festival costumes sang and danced, offering holy Khata, and greeting guests from far away with melodious long tunes and unique vigour and heroism of the grassland.

As the main body of CNAH, Air China has its ARJ21 aircraft complete the inaugural flight in the route of Beijing-Xilinhot, which has greater significance.

In order to realise the early operation of ARJ21 aircraft by Air China, and make passengers experience the safe, comfortable and smooth service of China-made aircraft during the journey since the aircraft was delivered on June 28th, Air China has quickly coordinated the preparatory work before the inaugural flight with its rigorous, professional and efficient operational support capability, and immediately put backbones in-flight and ground posts as well as full-time and part-time instructors into practical training.

ARJ21 aircraft is the first turbofan regional jet independently developed by China in accordance with international standards and owning independent intellectual property right. ARJ21 aircraft has the characteristics of adaptability, comfort, economic efficiency, commonality and serialisation. The comfort of ARJ21 aircraft can compare favourably with trunk liners, and the cabin space of ARJ21 aircraft is wider and higher than that of aircraft of the same kind.

ARJ21 aircraft of Air China is in all economy-class cabin configuration with seats for 90 passengers. The seats are arranged in 18 rows with two seats on the left and three seats on the right of the aisle in each row and are of the latest ultra-thin type made in China with a simple appearance and comfortable sitting. The spacing, seat back angle and width are comparable to the configuration level of the existing single-aisle passenger aircraft of Air China. At the same time, a USB power socket is provided for each passenger. The cabin interior uses the unified interior products for the whole Air China fleet, embodying “the unity of nature and mankind”, the whole cabin is decorated with elements of the 2022 Olympic Winter Games, and catering is consistent with the current route configuration standards in order to strive to provide passengers with a better travel experience.

As planned, Air China will receive three ARJ21-700 aircraft in 2020, which will fly the routes from Beijing Capital International Airport to Xilinhot, Baotou, Ulanhot and Hohhot of Inner Mongolia. The introduction of ARJ21 aircraft will help to supplement the regional aircraft transport capacity of Air China, promote the effective connection of Air China’s main and regional flights, further expand the carrying capacity of the Air China fleet, further improve the overall route network layout of Air China, and enhance market competitiveness, so as to meet the popularized air travel demand of passengers.

ARJ21 aircraft of Air China completed its inaugural flight on July 10th, 2020. Photographer: Wei Meng
Last Updated (Beijing Time): 2020-07-13


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