Air China Cargo to start weekly flights between Liege Airport and Shanghai


According to Belgian business newspaper L’Echo Air China Cargo, an all-cargo subsidiary of Air China will start a weekly flight between Liege Airport and Shanghai.

From 7 June a Boeing 777 will connect both cities on a weekly basis. The aircraft has a cargo capacity of 100 tons, Liege airport confirmed the news to the newspaper but refrains from further comments (but re-tweeted the news).

The cargo airline will mainly transport e-commerce products to Belgium, towards China they expect to transport e-commerce products and express cargo but also milk powder, cosmetics and chocolate.

The route between Liege Airport and Shanghai is very popular: ASL Airlines/TNT/FedEx flies back and forth into Shanghai 4 times per week.

Back in January airport’s Cargo and Logistics manager Bert Selis said:

Liege Airport (LGG) wants to position itself as a preferred point of entry for e-commerce consignments.

The crux of the matter is in the local customs administration’s tried and tested clearance system for express cargo.

The airport is currently building a new terminal to increase its storage capacity by 60,000 tons per year. With these developments, the airport hopes to cross the 700,000 tonne mark in 2017 (more than 660,000 tons in 2016).

Article L’Echo (in French):



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