Air Caraïbes Airbus A350 blocks Pointe-à-Pitre airport after wind shear; two damaged tires and runway damage

An Airbus A350-900 (F-HNET) from Air Caraïbes got stuck on the right side of the runway during a very windy approach at Pointe-à-Pitre International Airport, Guadeloupe.

Other aircraft were unable to take-off and land on Sunday afternoon as the Airbus A350 blocked the runway, the pilots tried to land the aircraft but encountered a sudden wind shear. Several beacons on the runway got damaged, as well as 2 tires of the main landing gear.

According to the latest information the airport was closed for 4 hours. The aircraft is still grounded.

An experienced pilot told that a go-around would have been more appropriate as the aircraft was “losing lateral control”, flying a few more holding patterns while the weather is clearing up is a good idea.

The Airbus A350-900 has only entered Air Caraïbes’ fleet in March this year.



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