Boeing grounds eight 787 Dreamliners for structural flaws


These aircraft might not withstand the physical stresses during flights

After having detected two manufacturing defects that could compromise their resistance, Boeing has asked several companies (United Airlines, Singapore Airlines and Air Canada) to ground eight long-haul 787 Dreamliner aircraft without delay.

These problems concern the rear part of the aeroplanes, The Air Current reports. The junction of certain fuselage sections could be faulty, putting the structure at risk of not withstanding the physical stresses of flight.

An abnormal spacing could be created between the different joints of the rear structure. In addition, the carbon fibre surface of the eight aircraft would not comply with the manufacturer’s specifications, even though their construction is relatively recent. The discovery of a technical defect on the horizontal stabilizer had already delayed the Dreamliner programme in June 2010, some time before its entry into service.

Boeing thus called for the withdrawal of these eight planes to “be inspected and repaired before their continued operation,” a spokesperson for the manufacturer told the American media.


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