Air Canada Boeing 787-8 from Montreal to Tokyo takes wrong taxiway after landing and gets stuck for … five hours!


On 30 July, an Air Canada Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner (C-GHPV) got stuck on a partially unpaved taxiway under construction just after landing on runway 16L at Tokyo Narita Airport.

However clearly mentioned in the notams (notice to airmen) but badly signaled (without “under construction”-signs) the pilots took the wrong exit, just before exit B7. As it was very difficult for ground staff to push the aircraft back on the runway, the 11 crew members and 201 passengers got stuck inside the aircraft for five (!) hours. A challenging situation for both cabin crew and passengers as the aircraft, coming in from Montreal, already flew for 13 hours and 22 minutes. Aviation journalist Tom Podolec tweeted the following images and video.

Six flights had to be cancelled and many others diverted to surrounding airports.



  1. They didn’t use B7, they used a taxiway under construction.

    And also “AIP Japan’s current aerodrome charts do not show the taxiway under construction nor do the NOTAMs include any information about that taxiway under construction possibly being confused with B7.”


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