Air Canada Boeing 777-300 encounters turbulence and makes hard landing at Toronto Pearson Airport


On 13 November, an Air Canada Boeing 777-300 (registered C-FIUV) operated flight AC2 from Tokyo Haneda, Japan, and Toronto, Canada. During final approach on Toronto’s runway 24L, however, the aircraft encountered turbulence. In a YouTube video that appeared online (see below), the 777 increases her rate-of-descent causing a hard touchdown. 

The wings of the aircraft rocked from side to side, potentially resulting in a wingtip strike. Despite the unsettling incident, the flight crew managed to regain control of the aircraft, ultimately bringing it to a safe stop on the runway.

The following day, the aircraft operated flight AC1 back to Tokyo. This quick turnaround indicates that the airline, in collaboration with maintenance and safety teams, conducted a thorough inspection and deemed the aircraft fit for continued operations.


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