Air Canada Boeing 767 suffers engine stall during take-off from Madrid, Spain


On 3 February, an Air Canada Boeing 767 (C-GHOZ) departed Madrid, Spain for flight AC837 to Toronto, Canada. During take-off, however, a left-hand main gear tire burst caused damage to the aircraft’s left engine. 

Subsequently, the left engine stalled. The pilots entered into a holding pattern to lower landing weight by burning fuel. Spain’s Defense Ministry dispatched an F18 fighter jet to evaluate the damage on the Boeing 767.

The aircraft – carrying 128 passengers – safely landed back at Madrid Airport, five hours after its initial departure. Passenger Evan Haveman commented on Twitter: “Credit to the captain and crew of @AirCanada #ac837 – they kept their cool and kept us informed. Would have liked the bar cart to have come by though.”

Passengers clapping after a perfect landing back at Madrid Airport.

Pictures of the damage appeared on social media.

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Video of the damaged tire.


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