An Air Canada passenger falls asleep on the plane and wakes up in the dark on a parking area


A woman who had fallen asleep aboard an Air Canada plane awoke, alone, in the dark, apparently forgotten by the ground crew.

Tiffani Adams was travelling on a Quebec City-Toronto flight when she fell asleep, shortly after take-off, on her empty seat row.

She woke up in “absolute darkness” after landing, the aircraft apparently having been towed outside Toronto Pearson International Airport once all passengers and crew had disembarked.

The young woman manages to briefly join a friend on her mobile phone before her battery dies.

I try to focus on my breath and control my panic attack, while I try to charge my phone by connecting it to all the USB ports I found,” she says. Without success: the electricity in the plane was cut off.

The young woman finally finds a flashlight in the cockpit and manages to open one of the doors of the aircraft. But fifteen metres still separate her from the ground.

She then managed to get the attention of a baggage cart driver by sending him light signals with her lamp. The man discovers Tiffani Adams at the open door of the plane, with her legs outside in the air.

He’s shocked, wondering how on earth they were able to leave me on the plane,” she says.

Air Canada apologised for the incident in early June.


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