[Trip report] Air Belgium’s first test flight before starting Hong Kong operations

© Ivan Coninx

This morning at 11:35 (UTC +2) one of Air Belgium’s Airbus A340s (OO-ABB) took off at Brussels South Charleroi Airport for a three-hour test flight. The flight, fully booked in less than two hours, brought the passengers via Germany, Denmark and The Netherlands back to Charleroi. The flight was a necessary test and a “final rehearsal” before Air Belgium’s first flight from Brussels South Charleroi Airport to Hong Kong at the end of April.

Passengers who have booked a ticket supported charity (Télévie and Kom Op Tegen Kanker) as the total revenue of the flights is going directly to the two Belgian organisations that support cancer research.

Niky Terzakis (CEO Air Belgium), two stewardesses and Jean-Jacques Cloquet (CEO Charleroi Airport). Each of the two test flights was good for €6675 for cancer research. © André Orban

Flight plan of Air Belgium’s first test flight KF340

Actually, flight KF340 did not fly over Sweden and circled half an hour over the North Sea. © André Orban

Check-in and boarding

Taxi out and safety demonstration

VIDEO: Take off
[su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/R7JcVKyyLsU”]


© Ivan Coninx

The itineraries of both flights

Flight KF 340 didn’t see Sweden and circled several times above the North Sea
Flight KF 343 made a small incursion above Sweden and circled before landing at CRL



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