Air Belgium expects to launch A340 flights to China in June


​In an interview with La Libre Belgique Niky Terzakis – Air Belgium founder and CEO – explains that Air Belgium expects to launch flights to China at the end of June 2017.

Air Belgium A340 (copyright Niky Terzakis)


Air Belgium CEO Niky Terzakis gave an interview to Belgian newspaper La Libre Belgique. He realised that there are a lot of “missing links” between Belgium and Asia. Air Belgium aims to reach tourists, groups but also businessmen. Air Belgium’s future operations have no connection with the recent plans disclosed by tour operator U-tour.

Air Belgium expects to receive its Air Operator certificate (AOC) in March or early April.

China is a first step, with half a dozen destinations to be served by four Airbus A340 aircraft, but other destinations in Asia are also on the drawing board.

The A340 is an aircraft with a very long range, which will enable to test the market, but it uses a lot of fuel. It will be replaced with more modern aircraft after 5 years.

The choice of a base between Brussels Airport and Brussels South Charleroi (which will have a longer runway in 2020) is still pending. Liege has been ruled out.

Air Belgium wishes to cooperate with other airlines, including Brussels Airlines if Brussels is selected as a base.

Article from December 2016:


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