Air Belgium : “The whole Belgian commercial aviation industry must be saved”


Air Belgium CEO Niky Terzakis said to Belga news agency that the airline wants to have financial aid from the Belgian State and that this support is needed to save the “whole Belgian commercial aviation industry”.

Air Belgium said it still wants financial help from the Belgian State to support the commercial aviation industry, even with conditions and a need for rationalisation, says its CEO Niky Terzakis.

The Belgian long-haul carrier said that it took decisions to have less pressure on its finances by making agreements with suppliers, financial institutions and shareholders. On 22 March, the airline has halted its only commercial route (to the French Antilles), focusing instead on the numerous repatriation flights (from Peru, Ecuador, Algeria, Colombia…), cargo flights (flying a few million masks from China to France) and a new wet-lease contract (for Suriname Airways). The majority of Air Belgium’s employees are in temporary unemployment and te airline only calls on volunteers to operate these flights.

Terzakis says that “Air Belgium, like the other airlines, wishes and calls for financial help from the Belgian Government“. State support might happen soon, according to some sources.

Support matter cannot be limited to save a specific airline but it should apply to the whole Belgian commercial aviation industry: airlines, maintenance outfits or suppliers,” he adds.

Air Belgium has become an important player in the Belgian aviation landscape and intends to play its role. It would also be logical for the Belgian government to attach conditions to its aid and a request of rationalisation“.


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