Air Belgium suspends scheduled flights from 30 January to 1 March

The recent decisions of the Belgian government announced late on 22 January 2021 confirmed a travel ban to and from Belgium between 27 January and 1 March 2021, except for essential reasons. These new measures force Air Belgium to temporarily suspend flights to and from the French West Indies from 30 January until 1 March 2021.
Therefore, the airline decided the following:
  • Flights scheduled from 26 to 29 January will be well operated.
  • Passengers who were scheduled to travel between 30 January and 1 March can postpone their trip free of charge to a later date and under the same conditions or be reimbursed.
  • Flights are suspended from 30 January until 1 March 2021. Passengers who have a scheduled return flight to Belgium or the French West Indies after 30 January will be redirected to another airline.
From 27 January until 1 March travel for recreational/tourist purposes to/from Belgium is no longer permitted. Passengers must be able to justify their travel for an essential reason.
In view of the number of people to be accommodated, Air Belgium deals with changes individually and in order of priority based on the closest dates. 
Air Antwerp has also grounded its Fokker F-50 for scheduled flights until 1 March, and TUI fly Belgium is expected to take a similar measure.


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