Air Belgium postpones resumption of scheduled flights to 15 July


Air Belgium told his passengers their decision to postpone by 3 more weeks its suspension of flights, due to the French Authorities decision to maintain and extend the travel restrictions until 10 July.

The long-haul Belgian airline said that they were forced to postpone as from 10 July, quarantine won’t be more mandatory and passengers are allowed to arrive in the French Antilles territories, but a COVID-19 RT-PCR test with negative results is mandatory to enter.

Air Belgium says to be “extremely disappointed by these decisions and their consequences for all our passengers.”

Passengers with a flight scheduled between Wednesday 24th of June and Saturday 11th of July will be contacted individually and personally by the Customer support following a priority order according to departure dates.

Air Belgium says to be convinced that “the outcome will be favourable, and we remain determined and positive. More than ever, we are committed to restarting these flights as soon as the French Authorities allows it, and we hope that the forced conditions will make it possible for our passengers to travel. We are also eager that the local Authorities ensure a safe climate and peaceful hospitality for all tourists wishing to discover these gorgeous islands.”


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