Air Belgium expects to restart scheduled flights on 24 June 2020


Air Belgium announced it is postponing the restart of its operations to 24 June 2020, following the Belgian government travel ban until 15 June.

The long-haul Belgian airline remains longer on the ground with regard to commercial services, as it decided to restart on 24 June instead of 3 June as previously announced.

“According to our latest analysis and current known parameters, the most realistic option would be to resume our scheduled flights as from Wednesday, 24th June 2020. Our Customer Support will contact each passenger individually that has been affected by this new postponement in the next few days.

“As also indicated on May 5th 2020 and like any other airline, we remain totally dependent on the reopening of destinations for flights coming from Europe, as well as the measures enforced on international passengers and tourists entering the country. As such and like all French airlines, we are still waiting for an official and clear notice from the French Government.

“Restarting our route to the French West Indies remains our priority. This being said and as announced, our other priority is to guarantee maximum safety for our passengers and staff members. For this reason, several sanitary measures will be put in place,” says the airline on its website, adding that a list of the sanitary measures will be soon published.