Impacts of cyclone BATSIRAI in Madagascar: An Air Austral Boeing 777-300ER chartered between Paris and Antananarivo to transport human reinforcements and medical equipment


In order to help the victims of Cyclone BATSIRAI in Madagascar, a Boeing 777-300ER from Air Austral was chartered by FLYTRANS on behalf of Civil Security / COGIC in Paris to operate a special Paris – Antananarivo flight.

The Air Austral teams have therefore done everything possible to ensure that this special flight can take place on time.

Flight UU050 took off on Tuesday, February 8, 2022, from Paris CDG Airport at 23:00. The aircraft landed this Wednesday, February 9 in Antananarivo at 11:20 local time.

This flight allowed the transport of 60 firefighters and the delivery of 20 tonnes of freight, consisting mainly of humanitarian freight and medical equipment.



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