An Air Atlanta Icelandic Boeing 747-400F returns to Liege Airport due to engine problem shortly after takeoff

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An Air Atlanta Icelandic Boeing 747-400F registered TF-AMA operating flight SV3920 to Riyadh on behalf of Saudia Cargo suffered a technical incident shortly after taking off from Runway 04R, triggering the precautionary procedures and a return to Liège Airport on the night of Saturday 30 to Sunday 31 January, around 02:10 (UTC+1).

Residents of the area around Liege airport were awakened by a deafening noise of explosions and, for some, witnessed one of the four engines on fire.

The aircraft jettisoned fuel above the North Sea before safely returning to Liège Airport and landing on Runway 04R at 03:40 (UTC+1).

The airport confirmed the incident and the implementation of the emergency procedure which consists of dumping fuel over the North Sea.

It is not the first time that this aircraft has experienced problems at Liege airport. This has happened a couple of times already. Each time, the checks were carried out and the flight subsequently operated normally.

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