Low-cost FlyArystan of Kazakhstan partners with Kiwi.com


FlyArystan, a low-cost airline based in Kazakhstan and a subsidiary of the country’s leading airline Air Astana, has partnered with travel tech company Kiwi.com to enrich flight offers for its customers. From now on, passengers of FlyArystan can search and book flights beyond the routes covered originally by the airline, thanks to the vast Kiwi.com database covering more than 95% of global flight content. 

The partnership allows FlyArystan’s customers to create extended itineraries from or to Kazakhstan, one of the flight legs being operated by FlyArystan, expanding the airline’s offer to destinations and continents that were previously not available. This way, customers can search complex itineraries with FlyArystan without the need of checking the offers of other connecting airlines, saving time and reducing costs. The booking procedure and all post-booking services are handled in one place, through Kiwi.com’s platform, allowing passengers to have full and complete information of all flights in their itinerary.

We are pleased to introduce our new service, which will significantly simplify travel planning for our passengers. The convenient Fly Around the World tab is already available to our passengers directly on the website. The service allows passengers to quickly, conveniently, and affordably plan their flights to any destination in the world, as well as provides useful information about the carrier, connections, baggage recheck, and more. FlyArystan strives to keep up with the times and does everything possible for the convenience of our passengers. It is important to emphasize that we are constantly working on implementing new services that make travel more accessible and easier. We believe that our innovation will provide even more opportunities for passengers to travel the world affordably,” shared Madina Buzhinova, FlyArystan Sales and Marketing Director.

Golan Shaked, Chief Commercial Officer at Kiwi.com, added, “We are happy to partner with FlyArystan and establish a mutually beneficial relationship with this innovative airline. It allows us to further advance the travel industry and bring customers a great customer experience for both parties involved.”

9 August 2023


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