Aeromar receives its first ATR 42-600

The Mexican carrier starts renewing its fleet

Aeromar took delivery of its first ATR 42-600. This is the first aircraft to be delivered after the announcement last month in Mexico of a contract for 8 firm ATR -600 aircraft (6 ATR 72-600s and 2 ATR 42-600s) and options for 6 additional ATR 72-600s.
With this first delivery, Aeromar starts progressively replacing its previous generation fleet composed of 9 ATR 42-500s and 4 ATR 42-300s and offers passengers the most modern regional aircraft on the market. The airline already operates two ATR 72-600s, introduced in 2013. Aeromar is a long-standing partner of ATR, operating ATR aircraft since its foundation in 1987.

The introduction of the new ATR 42-600s and ATR 72-600s, configured with 48 and 72 seats, respectively, will also enable Aeromar to add passenger capacity, to boost the number of main routes, and to create new connections within its regional network across the country.

Andrés Fabre, Chief Executive Officer of Aeromar, declared:

The ATR -600s are the optimal solution for our needs in terms of short-haul connectivity.  In order to further enhance our ability to meet our passengers’ expectations, with the new ATR -600s we will be providing them with the most modern standards of comfort and cabin interiors design.

Christian Scherer, Chief Executive Officer of ATR, observed:

Regional routes in Mexico are expanding and the expected economic growth of the country in the years to come will bring new opportunities to set up new connections. ATR will continue working daily with Aeromar to respond to this increasing demand with the most fuel-efficient, reliable and modern technologies as well as best-in-class services. ”

ATR is well established in Latin America and the Caribbean region, with some 160 aircraft operating in the liveries of 30 airlines. The number of ATRs operating in the region has doubled over the last decade.

Toulouse, Thursday 15 December 2016


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