A strike forces Aerolineas Argentinas to cancel all flights on Monday, 26 November

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Aerolineas Argentinas is forced to cancel all flights on Monday, 26 November after a strike that has been called by different trade unions. The airline will cancel 371 flights, over 40,000 passengers will be affected by the work stoppage. The strike comes at a very inconvenient time as only last week the airline’s CEO admitted that the state-run airline is “virtually bankrupt”. The upcoming strike will cost the airline around $20 million. A statement by the airline below.

Due to force majeure events, Aerolíneas Argentinas cancels all flights scheduled for monday

Aerolíneas Argentinas informs its passengers that it has been forced to cancel all services scheduled for Monday, November 26. This measure will affect 371 flights and over 40,000 passengers.

The cancellation is due to the strike that will take place on Monday, which is being promoted by pilot trade unions (the Association of Airline Pilots –APLA– and the Airline Aviators Union –UALA–), as well as ground personnel grouped by the Aeronautical Personnel Association (APA), the Aviation Technical Personnel Association (APTA), and the Superior Personnel Union (UPSA).

The strike scheduled for next week by these trade unions is the fourth one carried out against our company during November. On Friday 2 and 16, the Air Navigators Association (AAA) took industrial actions, and on Thursday 8 there was another strike organized by the same trade unions announcing actions for next week.

Trade unions have informed that the industrial action will begin on Monday at 0:00, but they have not decided when it is going to end. However, mass media has suggested that it will be a 24 hour strike. In view of the need to better protect its passengers by rescheduling flights as orderly as possible, Aerolíneas has no choice but to cancel all operations scheduled for that day. The company is trying to prevent confusion and problems for passengers, as was the situation on Thursday 8, when trade unions held over 30,000 passengers hostage for 11 hours. Not only were these travelers unable to fly, but they were also prevented from getting access to information on their flights.

Aerolíneas Argentinas requests its passengers to keep an eye on the means of contact provided at the time of purchasing their tickets, either their e-mail or phone, where they will receive information on the rescheduling of their flights.

Those who have not entered their e-mail address may add it by changing their booking in the company’s webpage, so that they will receive by that means the information on the changes effected. Another possibility to get real time information on flight changes is the Tripcase app, which is available for download in cellphones.

For more flight-related information, you may also call from Argentina 0810-222-86527. From USA 1-800-333-0276.

Moreover, already available for passengers who have been affected is the possibility to change their tickets for another date or destination during a period of 30 days using the same channel through which they made their purchase. They may also claim the refund of the sums paid.

Once more, the company is sorry for the inconvenience caused by this situation, and reaffirms its commitment to connectivity and to giving the best service to its passengers.


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