Cockpit of an Aerolineas Argentinas Boeing 737 flooded after heavy rain; somebody forgot to close the cockpit window


The cockpit of an Aerolineas Argentinas Boeing 737-800 (LV-CTC) was flooded after somebody left the right cockpit window open during a heavy thunderstorm at Buenos Aires airport.

On 30 September the aircraft arrived from Tucuman Airport (TUC), Argentina as AR1469. Forty minutes after the passengers and crew left the aircraft the storm broke out. An unknown person left the cockpit window open, several liters of water poured onto the instruments.

The airline was forced to cancel several flights as the Boeing 737 needed to dry, the aircraft was released again on 2 October to San Carlos de Bariloche (BRC).

Most airlines have specific rules on serving drinks in the cockpit: a lid has to be used when serving drinks to the pilots, as a little spill on the pedestal or on the instruments might cause electrical failures.

Twitter movie: Here is LV-CTC inactive due to water in the cockpit (left open the window just the night of the storm 🙄)


  1. Sadly, knowing how politicized the carrier is, I’m not sure this was just an ” accident”.


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