Swedish government rejects Aeroflot’s application to fly to Stockholm


The Swedish government rejects the Russian airline Aeroflot’s application to fly between Moscow Sheremetyevo and Stockholm Arlanda this summer.

Now we apply the sanctions and thus put pressure on Russia during the conflict that is going on,” says Minister of Infrastructure Tomas Eneroth.

Aeroflot applied “relatively recently” for a traffic permit to fly regularly during the summer period on the routes Moscow-Arlanda and Arlanda-Moscow.

Due to the sanctions, it is the government that evaluates the traffic applications instead of, as usual, the Swedish Transport Agency.

I assume that you (Aeroflot) are prepared that you will not get the application approved. I may be surprised that an application has been submitted,” says Tomas Eneroth.

He points out that the whole of the EU applies the same rules and that similar rejection processes take place in several European countries.

It is important that in accordance with the sanctions that exist, we are clear towards Russia and do not open up for air traffic,” the minister says.

The EU decision on sanctions against Russia means, among other things, that aircraft that are registered in Russia or that are owned or controlled by Russian companies or private individuals are not allowed to fly over any EU country.

Source: Nyheter24


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