Pobeda suspends its flights from Moscow Vnukovo to Ostend


From June 29, Pobeda will no longer fly from Ostend-Bruges to the Russian capital. Pobeda officially communicated this decision to the airport management yesterday evening.

Various reasons lie at the basis of this hopefully temporary measure.

Despite the fact that with this new VKO-OST-VKO route, Pobeda immediately scored well with both the Russian and Belgian public, it was already known at the airport that the frequency might decrease during the summer because city trips are simply not popular during the summer months and people start looking for more sunny places.

The meagre sales figures for this summer and the fact that people at Pobeda are increasingly convinced that this route is better suited during the autumn and spring are changing Pobeda’s course. After a very successful start with always strong capacity utilisation per flight, this suspension comes as a surprise.

Friday, June 7, 2019


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