Court Finds Passenger Vladimir Kolotygin Guilty of Disruptive Behaviour


On March 20, Kamchatka Region Court found passenger Vladimir Kolotygin guilty of crimes under articles 213 (“Hooliganism”) and 116 (“Beatings”) of the Russian Criminal Code.

Vladimir Alexandrov, Aeroflot’s Deputy CEO for Legal and Property Matters, said:

“Thanks to the consistent actions of the airline, aimed at ensuring that no case of dangerous disruptive behaviour on board goes unpunished, the court has not only sentenced Mr. Kolotygin to 180 hours of community service, but has also ordered the accused to pay 150 thousand rubles in damages to the flight attendant. The recent changes to Russian law are clear: disruptive passengers on board will now bear real responsibility for their actions. The airline will continue to protect its employees and ensure that disruptive passengers pay compensation for damages, as well as fines proportionate to the degree of offense, in accordance with the law.”

Aeroflot previously reported the incident, which occurred on January 15 on flight SU1730 from Moscow to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Business class passenger Kolotygin, who boarded the plane in a clear state of alcoholic intoxication, disturbed the public order, insulted the crew and, finally losing control of himself, struck a flight attendant in the face with his fist.

Aeroflot will continue closely monitoring compliance with safety regulations on board, opposing those who violate these rules, and protecting the right of passengers to comfortable and safe flights. The active work of the airline in this area has led to an amendment of the Russian Criminal Code, with tougher penalties for disruptive behaviour on public transport. Aeroflot also reminds passengers that from June 2018, Russian airlines will legally be able to blacklist offenders and deny them future transportation.


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