Aeroflot to offer free flights to relatives of victims of Magnitogorsk gas explosion


Aeroflot will offer free Moscow-Magnitogorsk flights to relatives of the people either killed or injured when a section of an apartment block collapsed in a gas explosion in Magnitogorsk, the Russian major air carrier said on Wednesday.

In the morning of December 31, a section of a ten-storey apartment block collapsed in the Ural city of Magnitogorsk. According to the latest reports, 28 people died, including three children. Rescuers are removing the rubble round-the-clock, searching for 13 missing people. Dozens have been evacuated from the damaged and nearby sections. It was earlier reported that Russia’s Investigative Committee looks into a gas leak as the main lead in the investigation.

Aeroflot will offer free flights from Magnitogorsk and back to the nearest relatives (spouses, parents, brothers and sisters) of the victims of an explosion and partial collapse of an apartment block in that city," the press release says. The service starts on Friday, January 4.

Aeroflot offers vacant economy seats on regular flights to the relatives. Aeroflot operates Moscow-Magnitogorsk flights daily.

MOSCOW, January 2, 2019


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