Aeroflot to seek recovery of additional costs from Alisa Arshavina (Andrey Arshavin’s wife)


Aeroflot intends to take legal action against Alisa Arshavina (ex-Arsenal star Andrey Arshavin’s wife) to recover expenses incurred as a result of delays and additional servicing costs at Sheremetyevo airport following the passenger’s removal from flight SU1946 from Moscow to Almaty on 6 January.

Alisa Arshavina’s obstructive behaviour and repeated violations of security regulations delayed more than 100 passengers, who were forced to wait for take-off for more than 90 minutes. During this time they were obliged to put up with the behaviour of Alisa Arshavina, who demanded special attention for herself. Placing her own comfort above the interests of other passengers, Arshavina delayed preparations for take-off in every possible way.

In addition to the delay, Aeroflot incurred additional expenses due to the need to repeat ground-handling procedures for the aircraft, including towing of the aircraft, provision of a ramp, and baggage unloading. An additional loss was incurred from extra fuel expended during the process. The company intends to recover this cost too.

As previously announced, Alisa Arshavina, travelling in business class, and those travelling with her were removed from flight SU1946 on 6 January, despite her claim to be a Russian spy. The decision was taken by the captain of the aircraft following the passenger’s obstructive behaviour, disregard for the cabin crew’s requests, and violations of regulations on board the aircraft. Alisa Arshavina also attempted to put pressure on members of the cabin crew both before take-off and after her removal from the flight.

Aeroflot stresses that its crew member acted in full compliance with all instructions. The decision by the captain to remove the obstructive passenger from the flight was taken lawfully.

Onboard security is one of Aeroflot’s highest priorities. The airline takes a zero-tolerance approach to any attempts to violate regulations on board its aircraft. Obstructive passengers will be excluded from Aeroflot flights regardless of their social status.

From June 2018 Aeroflot will gain the legal right to add passengers who violate safety regulations to a blacklist and refuse them boarding in the future. Were the relevant legal amendments strengthening measures against anti-social behaviour already in effect, Aeroflot would have exercised its right to include Alisa Arshavina on this blacklist.


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