Aeroflot Group announces operating results for February 2020 (+0.1%)


Aeroflot PJSC today announces operating results for Aeroflot Group (“the Group”) and Aeroflot – Russian Airlines (“the Company”) for February and 2M 2020.

2M 2020 Operating Highlights

In 2M 2020, Aeroflot Group carried 8.2 million passengers, up 0.1% year-on-year. Aeroflot airline carried 5.2 million passengers, a year-on-year decrease of 4.9%.

Group RPKs remained flat year-on-year. Company RPKs decreased by 3.4% year-on-year. ASKs rose by 2.7% year-on-year for the Group and by 1.8% year-on-year for the Company.

The passenger load factor decreased by 2.0 p.p. year-on-year to 74.6% for Aeroflot Group and decreased by 3.8 p.p. to 70.4% for Aeroflot airline.

February 2020 Operating Highlights

In February 2020, Aeroflot Group carried 3.9 million passengers, a year-on-year decrease of 0.1%. Aeroflot airline carried 2.5 million passengers, a year-on-year decrease of 4.5%.

Group and Company RPKs were down 0.6% and 4.1% year-on-year, respectively. ASKs rose by 3.6% for Aeroflot Group and by 3.2% for Aeroflot airline.

Aeroflot Group’s passenger load factor was 74.4%, representing a 3.1 percentage point decrease versus the same period a year earlier. The passenger load factor at Aeroflot – Russian Airlines decreased by 5.3 percentage points year-on-year to 70.0%.

February 2020 results were among other factors impacted by COVID-19 and travel restrictions on entry and flights imposed by a number of countries in Asia and Europe.

Fleet update

In February 2020, Aeroflot Group added one Airbus A350-900. One Airbus A330-300 and two Airbus A320 were phased-out. As of 29 February 2020, the Group fleet had 361 aircraft. As of 29 February 2020, the Company fleet had 247 aircraft.

 Net changes in the fleetNumber of aircraft
 February 2020  as of 29.02.2020
Aeroflot Group(2)361
Aeroflot airline(2)247


Aeroflot Group Operating Results

February 2020February 2019Change2M 20202M 2019Change
Passengers carried, thousand PAX3,944.23,949.5(0.1%)8,178.68,170.00.1%
– international1,691.81,758.3(3.8%)3,567.93,674.4(2.9%)
– domestic2,252.42,191.12.8%4,610.74,495.72.6%
Revenue Passenger Kilometres, mn10,246.210,304.5(0.6%)21,484.621,484.50.0%
– international6,077.76,278.3(3.2%)12,929.613,155.3(1.7%)
– domestic4,168.54,026.23.5%8,554.98,329.22.7%
Available Seat Kilometres, mn13,778.013,297.53.6%28,797.528,027.92.7%
– international8,309.48,135.72.1%17,354.017,224.80.7%
– domestic5,468.65,161.85.9%11,443.610,803.15.9%
Passenger load factor, %74.4%77.5%(3.1 p.p.)74.6%76.7%(2.0 p.p.)
– international73.1%77.2%(4.0 p.p.)74.5%76.4%(1.9 p.p.)
– domestic76.2%78.0%(1.8 p.p.)74.8%77.1%(2.3 p.p.)
Cargo and mail carried, tonnes25,406.320,810.922.1%48,791.640,725.219.8%
– international14,250.011,449.124.5%27,722.423,121.119.9%
– domestic11,156.39,361.819.2%21,069.217,604.019.7%
Revenue Cargo Tonne Kilometres, mn108.085.426.5%204.2166.522.7%
– international68.451.333.4%131.7103.327.5%
– domestic39.634.016.2%72.563.114.9%
Revenue Tonne Kilometres, mn1,030.21,012.81.7%2,137.82,100.11.8%
– international615.4616.4(0.2%)1,295.41,287.30.6%
– domestic414.7396.44.6%842.5812.83.7%
Available Tonne Kilometres, mn1,654.51,582.54.5%3,462.23,340.03.7%
– international1,017.8986.13.2%2,129.42,088.42.0%
– domestic636.6596.46.7%1,332.71,251.66.5%
Revenue load factor, %62.3%64.0%(1.7 p.p.)61.7%62.9%(1.1 p.p.)
– international60.5%62.5%(2.0 p.p.)60.8%61.6%(0.8 p.p.)
– domestic65.1%66.5%(1.3 p.p.)63.2%64.9%(1.7 p.p.)
Revenue flights32,96631,8853.4%68,75667,0482.5%
– international13,40413,3610.3%27,97028,330(1.3%)
– domestic19,56218,5245.6%40,78638,7185.3%
Flight hours 90,80588,0153.2%189,878185,3372.5%


Aeroflot – Russian Airlines Operating Results

February 2020February 2019Change2M 20202M 2019Change
Passengers carried, thousand PAX2,515.32,634.0(4.5%)5,151.35,417.6(4.9%)
– international1,284.51,351.3(4.9%)2,707.72,808.3(3.6%)
– domestic1,230.81,282.7(4.0%)2,443.62,609.3(6.4%)
Revenue Passenger Kilometres, mn6,884.07,178.2(4.1%)14,390.714,894.4(3.4%)
– international4,630.84,866.5(4.8%)9,909.910,174.5(2.6%)
– domestic2,253.22,311.6(2.5%)4,480.84,719.8(5.1%)
Available Seat Kilometres, mn9,827.69,527.43.2%20,437.720,071.71.8%
– international6,658.56,481.32.7%13,903.613,712.01.4%
– domestic3,169.13,046.04.0%6,534.06,359.72.7%
Passenger load factor, %70.0%75.3%(5.3 p.p.)70.4%74.2%(3.8 p.p.)
– international69.5%75.1%(5.5 p.p.)71.3%74.2%(2.9 p.p.)
– domestic71.1%75.9%(4.8 p.p.)68.6%74.2%(5.6 p.p.)
Cargo and mail carried, tonnes17,961.514,697.622.2%33,463.428,333.118.1%
– international12,220.59,540.328.1%23,267.719,076.822.0%
– domestic5,741.05,157.211.3%10,195.79,256.310.1%
Revenue Cargo Tonne Kilometres, mn84.064.630.1%156.3126.423.7%
– international61.744.838.0%117.190.729.2%
– domestic22.319.912.3%
Revenue Tonne Kilometres, mn703.6710.6(1.0%)1,451.51,466.9(1.0%)
– international478.5482.7(0.9%)1,009.01,006.40.3%
– domestic225.1227.9(1.2%)442.5460.5(3.9%)
Available Tonne Kilometres, mn1,194.51,145.54.3%2,488.82,415.03.1%
– international827.2793.54.2%1,731.61,680.03.1%
– domestic367.3352.04.3%757.1735.03.0%
Revenue load factor, %58.9%62.0%(3.1 p.p.)58.3%60.7%(2.4 p.p.)
– international57.9%60.8%(3.0 p.p.)58.3%59.9%(1.6 p.p.)
– domestic61.3%64.7%(3.5 p.p.)58.4%62.7%(4.2 p.p.)
Revenue flights22,78821,9463.8%47,04446,1451.9%
– international10,81610,6271.8%22,46422,466(0.0%)
– domestic11,97211,3195.8%24,58023,6793.8%
Flight hours 64,92562,9903.1%134,790132,6811.6%

Moscow, 26 March 2020


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