A Belgian football fan takes the wrong plane at Brussels Airport … but still arrives in Moscow


This is an incredible story: a Belgian fan takes the wrong plane at Brussels Airport … but still arrives in Moscow, although at the wrong airport

A crazy story indeed! A Belgian supporter, who wants to remain anonymous, had a real adventure embarking … on the wrong flight to Moscow on 20 June. And she nevertheless arrived safely at destination!

This fan of the Belgian Red Devils from Antwerp arrived well in advance at Brussels Airport (two hours, as advised). She noticed immediately that the flight to Moscow was already boarding when she arrived. Hurrying to the tickets check, she got on the plane in no time, showing her Fan-ID and passport.

© Bram Botterman

Second surprise: someone was sitting in her seat. She showed her ticket to the cabin staff, who showed her a free seat. No problem until Moscow, where she realised that the friend supposed to wait for her … was not there. And for a good reason: she did not take the Aeroflot flight for which she had a ticket (SU2169, scheduled time of departure 11:50), but a Brussels Airlines flight (SN2835, scheduled time of departure 09:45). Thus she was two hours early at the destination airport – and indeed, at another airport, at Domodedovo rather than Sheremetyevo!

All she had to do was to buy a Russian SIM card to contact her friend, about a two-hour drive away … If this story obviously says a lot about the distraction that awaits us all with the stress of a great trip, it also leaves some thought regarding the safety standards of some companies …

Source: Walfoot


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