From “Jumbolino” to firefighting aircraft: the extreme makeover of OO-DWA

OO-DWA, the British Aerospace Avro RJ100 regional jet that has been flying from Brussels Airport for almost twenty years, has reached another career level: operating for Aero-Flite, an American firefighting company.

In June 1997 OO-DWA was delivered to Delta Air Transport, operating flights for Sabena. After the demise of Sabena in 2001, the aircraft was transferred to SN Brussels Airlines in February 2002. The jumbolino performed its last commercial flight for Brussels Airlines from Prague to Brussels back in January 2017.

Aero-Flite’s primary strength with their current fleet of “Next Generation” firefighting aircraft happens primarily during the initial attack phase of wildland fires. The CL-415s utilize water sources near developing fires to quickly suppress the flames.  The 415’s when operated in unison as pairs provide extremely accurate, agile and ecologically protective results.  In addition their state of the art “Next Generation” Avro RJs are capable of extremely fast dash speeds; simultaneously, delivering up to 3000 gallons of fire retardant as an aid in the support of wildland fire management and ground fire-fighters.

On the Aero-Flite website we found these pictures of other RJs.


Four engine reliability providing excellent short field performance along with multiple system redundancy. The RJ provides excellent low speed and high speed performance making this aircraft an ideal airtanker in any terrain. To the airtanker operator, this means fire fighting excellence.


Additional specifications of the Aero-flite’s RJs
  • True airspeeds in excess of 300 knots
  • Quick response on initial dispatches and turn arounds (single point refuelling and retardant loading)
  • Strong performance at the fire with its excellent maneuverability, high rate of climb and turning performance
  • Excellent slow speed flight characteristics
  • Maximum Take-off Weight:

    97,000 lbs

  • Maximum Zero Fuel Weight:

    79,000 lbs

  • Maximum Landing Weight:

    85,000 lbs

  • Maximum Tank Capacity:

    12,492 litres (3,300 US gallons)

  • Cruise Speed Loaded:

    18,000 ASL/390 Knts TAS

  • Loaded:

    12,500 ASL/355 Knts TAS

  • Drop Speed:

    120 nœuds


  1. Zou het kunnen dat er een vergissing is gemaakt? Enkel de RJ85 wordt omgebouwd, de RJ100 is nodeloos zwaarder.

  2. We zullen het zien, voorlopig noemen ze bij Aeroflite enkel de RJ85AT. Misschien ooit een RJ100AT?


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