Runway excursion of an Olympic Air aircraft in Milos Island Airport


An adventurous landing of an aircraft this afternoon at the airport of Milos, when the plane went off the runway during its landing at the airport of the island.

Due to the extremely difficult weather conditions that prevailed as strong winds were blowing, the Olympic Air ATR42-600 aircraft registered SX-OAZ that made the flight OA22 (Athens – Milos Island) with 20 passengers could not stay on the runway during the landing and went out into the fields.

The authorities of Milos Island National Airport were immediately mobilised and the 20 passengers together with the 3-member crew, evacuated the aircraft with absolute safety.

None of the passengers was injured and the plane was not damaged.

The plane had to be towed from the spot in order to allow the reopening of the runway for another aircraft to depart to Athens.

The accident incident has been addressed by the Hellenic Committee for the Investigation of Accidents and Flight Safety (EDAAP).



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