Eindhoven Airport will welcome Greek home carrier Aegean Airlines


On June 23, Eindhoven Airport will welcome the Greek airline Aegean Airlines. Eindhoven Airport is thus adding another national airline to its portfolio. From this date, Aegean Airlines will operate two flights per week between Eindhoven and the Greek capital Athens. Because Athens is an important hub for the airline, passengers can easily continue their journeys from the Greek capital to numerous Greek islands and capitals.

Aegean Airlines will operate the flights on Thursday and Sunday using an Airbus A320neo (174 seats). That aircraft is one of the most modern -with the least emissions and noise- of the Airbus fleet. Aegean Airlines, a member of Star Alliance, is a full-service carrier which means, among other things, that there is a business class section onboard and that on-board catering is offered.

Athens is popular with leisure travellers. In addition, the destination is interesting for companies in Brainport and for Greek students and workers who live in Eindhoven and are going to visit family/friends.


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