Aegean flight from Athens to Tel Aviv rocked by dispute between Israeli and Arab-Israelis


Aegean Airlines announcement

Following related published articles, AEGEAN would like to note that on the scheduled AEGEAN flight A3 928 from Athens to Tel Aviv on January the 3rd, a number of Israeli passengers persistently and vocally complained about two Israeli co-passengers. The company undertook additional security checks, which, as expected, revealed no issues.

This isolated and unfortunate event was quickly resolved thanks to the cooperation of the two passengers, who were offered tickets for the next flight to Tel Aviv, all expenses covered by the company.

AEGEAN would like to express its gratitude to the two Israeli passengers for their understanding and cooperation, as well as its dissatisfaction for an unfortunate event that does not reflect our values and modus operandi. Athens, January 5th 2016 



An Aegean Airlines flight departing from Athens to Jerusalem on January 3rd was marred by a dispute on board the aircraft.

The Jerusalem post reports that Israeli passengers demanded that two Arab-Israelis on board leave the plane. Adamant in their request, some passengers refused to sit down when the Aegean staff initially ignored the request and prepared for take off.

Ultimately, the Greek airline company offered the two Arab-Israeli men an over-night stay and a flight to Jerusalem the following day in exchange for agreeing to leave the flight. The two men did disembark but the remaining passengers called for a security check on the plane. Upon the crew’s refusal and the warning that continual resistance would lead to escorting complaining passengers out without reimbursement, everyone sat down and the plane took off for Jerusalem.


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