A night train might soon connect Brussels to Malmö in Sweden

Sleeping car of Swedish Railways © Mediarail.be

New competition for airlines: within two years it will probably be possible to reach Malmö from Brussels by overnight train. Sweden is in the process of acquiring new trains to implement this project.

Since years, night trains have been disappearing in favour of low-cost flights. They are now gradually making their comeback. Their smaller ecological footprint and the current health crisis explain the renewed interest in this means of transport.

Sweden does not intend to miss the boat and is currently considering a link with the European continent. More specifically, the Nordic country has mandated its transport administration to acquire new trains to launch a line between Brussels and Malmö.

It will take a little more patience to be able to sit in one of the carriages of this night train. The link, which will last an average of 8 hours, should be operational within two years, around August 2022.

In the meantime, we can still test the experience of night trains with the new Brussels-Vienna line!


  1. This is what excites me the most these days, interconnection and bringing mobility into a fuller picture. Add better train connections, EV, autonomous cars, UAM and RAM, and why not, Hyperloop to the mix. We need a coherent mobility infrastructure with a minimal environmental footprint.


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