A new “euro-white” livery for Brussels Airlines


Several months ago, the Lufthansa Group had decided to adopt a uniformly white livery for all the airlines of the group, with only the tail and the titles differing from airline to airline. This would make it easier to transfer an aircraft from one airline to the other if needed for operational reasons.

The new Lufthansa livery (with the disappearance of the yellow colour) was developed in line with that decision. Austrian Airlines also has adopted a so-called “euro-white” livery. SWISS has it already for a long time and the Eurowings livery was created with an all-white fuselage.


Swiss Bombardier BD-500 CSeries CS100
Swiss Bombardier BD-500 CSeries CS100
© Bart Noëth

The Brussels Airlines case is more complicated. As the airline was to be integrated into Eurowings, nobody has ever thought of developing a livery adopting the Lufthansa Group directive. But the recent decision to completely split off Brussels Airlines from Eurowings has changed the game.

Hence, the Airbus A330-343 registered 9V-STO (future OO-SFF), recently acquired from Singapore Airlines, was painted with what seems to be the future standard livery for Brussels Airlines: an all-white fuselage (the light-blue bottom is gone), white engine cowlings, the dark blue limited to the tail itself and no longer extending to the fuselage, white wingtips.

A recent picture was captured at Singapore Changi airport by Ewen Chang on Jetphotos:

© Ewen Chang on Jetphotos.com

Compare with the current colours:

© Ivan Coninx

Is this the livery that will be adopted for all Brussels Airlines aircraft? Time will tell, but it is indeed likely to become the new standard. Just one suggestion: increase the dimensions of the titles, like on the SWISS and Austrian Airlines designs.

Forum discussion: https://www.aviation24.be/forums/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=42627&start=3740#p384684


  1. Good idea but a little bit strange in my opinion just only the tail in blue with the red dots…..
    Why not the new Lufthansa blue with a new white logo for Brussels ? I have never been a fan of the dots, it’s not very strong logo after all.And isn’t the name ‘Brussels ‘ enough ? Compare to United, Thai,Emirates, Ethihad,Delta,…. where no one says the full …… Airlines/Airways name.

  2. Manque d ambition. Ils auraient dû remplacer le rouge par du blanc et adopter le même bleu que lufthansa 😉


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