[Trip report] A more than disappointing flight with Iberia Express from Madrid to Reykjavik (Iceland)


For professional reasons I was scheduled on an Iberia Express flight from Madrid to Reykjavik, this must be my worst flight experience ever, taking into account that I annually travel around 30 to 40 flights per year. 

My colleague was assigned a seat in business class, which takes up two rows with a little curtain and an empty middle seat. I got myself a seat in economy class (18C), strangely enough at about the same price of the business class ticket. The aircraft didn’t look very clean (see image below), I questioned the flight attendant about the cleanliness of the aircraft but she could only raise her shoulders.

Passengers who book should know that you will end up in a cramped seat: it’s impossible to recline your seat, not even for business class and that’s a burden especially if you are flying from Madrid to Reykjavik, a flight that takes up to four hours!

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Flight: I23660
Date : 14 August 2018
Aircraft: Airbus A320 (EC-LUS)
From-To: Madrid-Reykjavik (MAD-KEF)
Seat: 18C
Scheduled/Effective Time of Departure: 22:35/22:49 (GMT +2)
Scheduled/Effective Time of Arrival: 01:00/00:42 (GMT +0)
Scheduled/Effective Duration of the flight: 4 hours 25 minutes/3 hours 54 minutes

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