[Trip report] Flying from Edinburgh to Warsaw via Amsterdam on board KLM Royal Dutch Airlines


Once again I booked flights with KLM for our annual holiday. This time I chose a departure from Edinburg (EDI), as this had a longer transfer time in Amsterdam (AMS) than KLM flights from other British airports. This was the first time we had flown from EDI. I was very impressed with EDI. There was a tram to the airport from the city centre (the first time we’d travelled to an airport by tram), a nice hotel nearby (which we stayed in) and a place before security where you could get a hot meal (a rarity now in the UK!) I have to say that Edinburgh is the best airport we’ve used in the UK for many years.

The distinctive control tower at EDI.
An Edinburgh tram waits at the Airport stop. This is a very handy service.
The forecourt at Edinburgh Airport.
The “Edinburgh” sign outside the main entrance.

Flight KL1278 Edinburgh (EDI) – Amsterdam (AMS)

On the morning of our flight it was cloudy, and before long it started to rain. I had checked in online the previous day, and we had seats 7A and 7B in a 737-800. Baggage drop off was completed quickly, as was the security check (even though I was searched!) Once into the departure area, viewing was reasonably easy.

The front of British Airways Embraer 190 G-LCYJ, I think this has just arrived from London City.

Our aircraft had taxied to a remote stand.

PH-BXE “Havik”/”Hawk” is unloaded in the distance. We were to depart from gate 28, which meant being taken to the aircraft by bus.

It was raining as we left the bus and went up the steps to the aircraft. Even though I had a window seat, viewing was very poor!

The rainy view from my seat.

The legroom on KLM 737s is quite good. The seats are fabric, which seems to be a less-common feature on airliners now.

The latest issue of KLM’s inflight magazine.
In case you’d forgotten which airline we’re flying with :mrgreen:

Our scheduled departure time was 09:10. We pushed back at 09:15 and taxied to the runway. We took off at 09:27. The crew announced that the expected flight duration was one hour and five minutes. Rain and turbulence were expected. There was alot of cloud after take off.

Thick cloud along the way

Our route took us over the Northumberland National Park, and we crossed the English coast just north of Ashington. We flew over the North Sea at 37,000 feet at a speed of 446 knots and a course of 119 degrees.

KLM logo on winglet

I love KLM’s inflight snacks (though there is one that I love more than any of the others!) and the one on this flight was no exception.

Sweet lemon cake. I had orange juice to drink

The Captain announced that there were good conditions in Amsterdam – sunny with light winds.

Broken cloud
Crossing the Dutch coast. Not as sunny as last year!

Our approach to Amsterdam was cloudy, and there was some turbulence.

Netherlands under cloud

We arrived at 11:32, thirteen minutes ahead of schedule. I was pleased to see our neighbour at the terminal:

One aircraft type I am always happy to see!

Our next flight was due to depart at 14:30, so this year there was no sense of having to rush and we were able to have a look round the shops in the terminal. One thing I hate about AMS is the practice of putting blinds over the windows, preventing any viewing. That spoils what is otherwise a great airport.

The only blinds I could find which were part way see-through!

Flight KL1365 Amsterdam (AMS) – Warsaw (WAW)

There had been a gate change, and our flight was to depart from C11 instead of C18.

Our flight showing on the screen

Our aircraft was PH-BXM “Kluut”/”Avocet” – another 737-800. This time we had seats 6A and 6B.

The aircraft was parked in a difficult position for photography
Close up of the Dutch name. The English name is on the other side
The next aircraft along is “Whimbrel” (sorry I don’t know the Dutch name for this one). Believed to be bound for Oslo. This was taken from my seat.
“Whimbrel” being prepared to fly to Oslo.

Our flight was due to depart at 14:30, but the captain announced an 18 minutes delay because of “high capacity” (something to do with those ATC restrictions they have at AMS!) However my disappointment soon disappeared when he announced that we were taking off from Polderbaan 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 We would be expected in Warsaw at 16:50, 25 minutes behind schedule.

We pushed back at 14:50 and began our long taxi to Polderbaan. This involves crossing a road bridge and going into an area which makes you feel like you are taking off in the middle of a farmer’s field. We took off at 15:11 from runway 36L. It was slightly hazy as we climbed away from Polderbaan.

Just after taking off from Polderbaan
Climbing away for our flight to Poland
My inflight snack consisted of a tomato wrap with cheese salad, spring onion, tomato and spinach. This time I had tea to drink. The wrap was pleasant, I like wraps, but this is still not my favourite KLM snack :mrgreen:
There was light cloud along the way, unlike last year where there was thick, heavy cloud all the way after was crossed over into Germany.

Our route took us south of Groningen at 27,450 feet. We flew north of Oldenburg at 33,600 feet. As we crossed over Luneburger Heide National Park we had reached our cruising altitude of 37,000 feet and were flying at a speed of 436 knots on a course of 95 degrees. We flew north of Poznan towards Warsaw.

Lovely and sunny over Poland.

It was sunny and warm in Warsaw. We touched down at 16:46.

Totally different to when we arrived last year!
LOT’s special livery Dreamliner at the terminal.
Welcome to Warsaw (not a translation of the sign, just my photo caption :mrgreen: )
Our neighbour at the terminal – that special livery Polish Dreamliner.

We had two great flights again on KLM. We were hungry when we arrived in Warsaw, so we headed to a decent airport eaterie we found last year and had potato pancakes for tea (I love potato pancakes almost as much as I love pierogi).

My potato pancake covered with mushroom sauce.

A video of the flights

All pictures © Louise Scott

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