[Trip report] First Brussels Airlines Sukhoi Superjet flight, operated by Cityjet


With the inception of the 2017 summer schedules, Brussels Airlines has started the long awaited Sukhoi Superjet flights (operated by Cityjet). This morning luchtzak.be webteam member Maarten was on board the very first SSJ-flight with destination Nice.

View on EI-FWD

Originally EI-FWD (with Brussels Airlines livery) was scheduled to operate this flight but after the safety demo and the jetway was already removed a small technical problem was detected, ten minutes later the technician decided to change the aircraft.

Luckily another Sukhoi Superjet reg. EI-FWC was parked next to us so it was easy to swap aircraft.
Only minor point was that I could sleep more then one hour extra 🙁

EI-FWD with Maarten
© Maarten Van Den Driessche

A view on EI-FWD from EI-FWC
© Maarten Van Den Driessche
© Maarten Van Den Driessche
Inside view

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