Walloon Region (Belgium) blocks this year’s Skeyes’ invoice of €5 million for air navigation services


Following the losses incurred by both Liege and Brussels South Charleroi Airport (Wallonia, a region of Belgium) during the air traffic controller’s strikes, the closure of Belgian airspace during the first half of 2019 and the increase of air traffic control tariffs, the Walloon Region has withheld more than €5 million from Skeyes, the Belgian Air Navigation Service Provider, Belgian daily newspaper Le Soir reported on Wednesday.

Johan Decuyper, the CEO of Skeyes informed the members of the Belgian Federal Parliament that the Walloon Region had not yet paid any of its 2019 invoices. The amount corresponds to the air traffic controlling at the two Walloon airports.

The cabinet of the Walloon Minister in charge of Airports, Jean-Luc Crucke, confirmed the arrears of payment and explained that a meeting with Skeyes will be set in the coming days. The Walloon Region considers that the service provided was not up to expectations but has also problems with the annual bill and the increase of costs, which have been tripled between 2004 and 2011. Adding that the strikes in April and May 2019 caused financial losses to the two Walloon airports.


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