Trade union ACV/CSC-Transcom files strike notice at Air Navigation Service Provider “skeyes” against collaboration with Belgian Defence


One of the measures that Europe is imposing on its member states for more efficient use of European airspace is the collaboration between civil and military air traffic controls. Such collaboration is already a fait accompli in many other European countries, and it is bearing fruit.

Fifteen years ago, in order to respect European agreements and exploit Belgian airspace to the fullest, the Federal Government had already included in the government agreement the collaboration between skeyes and Belgian Defence. In 2017, the competent ministers of Mobility and Defence took the necessary decisions to be able to execute it.

In recent years, skeyes and Defence have together prepared the association of the two institutions. The result was an agreement setting the guidelines for the collaboration. In early December 2019, military air traffic controllers joined their skeyes counterparts at the Steenokkerzeel site. Civil and military air traffic controls are still managed separately, but they are better matched by their co-location.

When the agreement was signed, it was stipulated that ultimately a limited number of military air traffic controllers could obtain a licence for civil air traffic control and would, therefore, be transferred to skeyes. The reverse would also become possible.

The specific implementation of this provision would be discussed separately and would only come into force if agreed with the representative trade union organisations. The timing is set for 2023. At the outset, discussions on this execution agreement were launched on December 16, 2019. skeyes, therefore, considers that the strike notice – which runs until January 28, 2020 – is premature.

At present, in accordance with the rules of social consultation, skeyes will plan a consultation within three days on the point relating to the strike notice.

Monday 13 January 2020


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