Skeyes reaches agreement with one union of air traffic controllers


Skeyes, the Belgian air traffic services provider, has reached an agreement with one union of its air traffic controllers.

The agreement was announced on Friday evening, after a very turbulent month for the Belgian air traffic services provider.

In the past few days and weeks, Belgian air traffic below FL245 was disrupted several times as a result of industrial actions at Skeyes (former Belgocontrol). Air traffic at various Belgian airports, including Brussels Airport, Charleroi and Liege Airport, was affected.

The new agreement does not mean that industrial actions at Skeyes are over. The two other unions of air traffic controllers refuse to support the new agreement and are planning new actions as from next week.

Social actions at skeyes disrupt air traffic in Belgian airspace (below 24,500 feet)

22 March 2019


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