skeyes (ex Belgocontrol) performs very well as regards punctuality


Despite the continued increase in air traffic in Europe during last summer, skeyes’ results in terms of punctuality are once again outstanding. With only 0.11 minutes of average delay per en-route flight in the first three quarters of 2018, the company has one of the best punctuality rates in FABEC (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, France and Switzerland). The number of air movements is increasing by 2.5%. A total of 845,477 flights were safely managed by skeyes‘ air traffic controllers from 1 January to 30 September.

During the first nine months of 2018, we observed the following results (which we compare with the same period in 2017):

skeyes controlled a total of 845,477 movements (+2.5%), with the following trends:

  • increase at CANAC 2 centre (467,507 movements, +3.7%);
  • increase at regional airports: Antwerp (45,294 movements, +3.1%), Charleroi (74,875 movements, +2.7%), Liège (44,556 movements, +7.2%) and Ostend (33,901 movements, +0.2%);
  • decrease at Brussels Airport (179,344 movements, -1.2%).

Aviation safety: two category B incidents were recorded (during Q1 and Q2). A third incident is under investigation (Q3).

The delay per en-route flight is 0.11 min. skeyes has the second best performance within FABEC (Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, France and Switzerland).

In terms of delay per flight for arrivals, we record a decrease at Brussels Airport (0.04 min/flight, -53.2%) and Charleroi (0.02 min/flight, -49.8%). No delays for arrivals were recorded at Antwerp, Liège (-100%) and Ostend airports.

En-route service units are up (+1.8%), as well as for the terminal (+4.7%).

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


skeyes performance report – Q1-Q3 2018 _EN.pdf – 396 KB


  1. Your information is incomplete. Skeyes touts good numbers only because Belgium has a small territory compared to other FABEC members such as France and Germany. When a delay occurs over French or German airspace the cumulative effect is much greater.

    Therefore Skeyes’ claims seem suspicious.


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