Pre-agreement signed between Belgian air traffic controllers and the management of skeyes. Unions disagree!


During the social consultation on Tuesday 26 March, skeyes management said that a pre-agreement had been signed with the unions on the following points:

  • The social agreement that took place last Friday in the joint committee will be respected.
  • Union actions are stopped.
  • A conciliator will be appointed for night shifts. This point was included in the strike notice but was not the subject of a decision in Friday’s agreement. The discussion deals with the question of whether a night shift counts for a day of work or two.
  • The judicial proceedings in progress on this discussion are stopped.

It is now up to the unions to confirm this pre-agreement, said skeyes.

But ACV/CSC-Transcom union asks the Minister of Labour to nominate a mediator for all points of disagreement. “As long as the full set of negotiations is not clear, actions will not be stopped.” The liberal trade union VSOA/CGSLB supports that call and continues to with the actions. The socialist ACOD/CGSP is not on strike.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019



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