Liège and Brussels South Charleroi air traffic to be controlled from a digital tower in Namur in 2024

Digital control tower in Sweden © Sowaer

The traditional control towers of the two Belgian regional airports located in Wallonia will soon give way to a new-generation digitalised tower to be installed in a building in Namur, halfway between the two airports.

We are not embarking on an adventurous or experimental project. This technology has already been successfully deployed in other countries,” explains Nicolas Thisquen, president of Sowaer (Walloon Airports Company), which will also establish its new headquarters on the same site. “The first objective is to strengthen aviation safety. The second is to make the work of the staff more comfortable.”

The construction budget for the digital control tower, expected to enter into service in 2024, is estimated at 16 million euros, paid for by Sowaer. The existing towers will be renovated to serve as a possible back-up solution.

Air traffic management will remain with Skeyes, whose staff will be transferred to Namur.

Source: RTBF



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