Intense collaboration between Belgocontrol and ANA Lux is already bearing fruit


The Belgian and Luxembourg air navigation service providers work together in a growing number of domains. Today, both companies have set their priorities for 2018: the new year will see the implementation of satellite navigation procedures in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, thanks to Belgocontrol’s expertise.

François Mathieu, Head of ATC at ANA Lux; Peggy Devestel, Belgocontrol COO; Claudio Clori, ANA Lux president and Johan Decuyper, Belgocontrol CEO
Belgocontrol and ANA Lux share historical links: for several years now, part of the air traffic above Luxembourg (between 14,500 and 24,500 feet) is being managed by the Belgocontrol air traffic control centre, CANAC2. In March and June 2017, Belgocontrol and ANA Lux signed cooperation agreements, enabling them to work more closely together in numerous fields. Moreover, late November, at the Gaïchel X summit, the Belgian and Luxembourg governments have encouraged both organizations to continue in the same vein by reinforcing their partnership.One of the first new areas of collaboration is Aeronautical Information Management or AIM. Since late June, the Luxembourg pilots also have access to Belgocontrol’s Flight Briefing, through which they receive flight information perfectly tailored to their needs.

Belgocontrol also put its know-how on the so-called « green landings » or CDO (Continuous Descent Operations) at disposal of ANA Lux, which enabled the publication of CDO procedures for the Luxembourg airport. The continuous descent technique of aircraft in their approach phase towards an airport allows reducing noise hindrance, kerosene consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Satellite navigation procedures

By exchanging information and know-how, Belgocontrol and ANA Lux have strengthened their collaboration in the following areas: analysis regarding building wind turbines in the vicinity of airport installations, meteorological services, flight procedures and the exchange of radar data.

High on the priority list for 2018 will be the introduction of improved air navigation or RNP (Required Navigation Performance). Together with Belgocontrol, ANA Lux will elaborate new approach procedures for runways 24 and 06 at the airport of Luxembourg. That Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) is very accurate because it works in 3D. It further boosts safety levels and improves airport accessibility. In Belgium, Belgocontrol has already introduced those new generation procedures for Brussels Airport as well as at the airports of Antwerp, Charleroi, Kortrijk and Liège.

Other areas of collaboration between Belgocontrol and ANA Lux will be service continuity, safety management as well as a common representation at international fora.

Peggy Devestel, Belgocontrol COO: “Having been concluded a mere six months ago, the overarching cooperation agreement of June this year has already brought about various specific agreements and arrangements with tangible results for the users of the airspace above Belgium and Luxembourg. With this type of partnerships, focusing on concrete improvements, Belgium and Luxembourg are shaping the Single European Sky.”

 Claudio Clori, ANA Lux president: “Belgocontrol and ANA Lux are historically linked. The overarching cooperation agreement enables both organizations to exchange information and know-how, so we can draw on our mutual skills in a wide range of areas: this is a win-win partnership. In the upcoming years, we would like to step up this cooperation in order to prepare ourselves as effectively as possible for the next European reference period.”


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