skeyes: an extraordinary general meeting of the Board of Directors


The Board of Directors of skeyes met on Monday night in an extra session to discuss the consequences of the current social climate within the company.

The Board first reviewed the safety report for the first three months of 2019. Air traffic safety always remains the first priority for skeyes. The figures for the beginning of 2019 are in line with those of previous years and are therefore again excellent.

A second point of discussion was the operational interests of the customers. The Board of Directors is very aware of the crucial role of key players in the concatenation of activities at the different airports. The Board emphasized once again that every effort must be made to ensure that operations continue at all times and to ensure optimum service to customers.

Finally, the Board supports the management in its initiatives to reach an agreement with the trade unions with the mediators so that the serenity in the company can return and skeyes can again deliver the high quality service as it has always done.

In the interest of the mediation process, skeyes will continue to respect the confidentiality of the conversations.


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