Disturbances in Belgian sky this Monday due to action by air traffic controllers


As announced yesterday, the air traffic controllers affiliated with the ACV/CSC Transcom union are showing their dissatisfaction this Monday between 08:00 and 16:00 by working to the rules and not replacing the staff who called in sick.

The air traffic company Skeyes confirmed that some controllers are on strike.

Air traffic at Brussels Airport is slowed down and some flights have already been cancelled (SN3201 to Venice, KL1724 and KL1726 to Amsterdam, LH1009 and LH 1011 to Frankfurt*).

At Liege Airport, the traffic (mainly freighter aircraft) is not disturbed.

Skeyes staff are complaining about the pressure due to the high workload and insufficient staff. Despite the fact that an agreement had been signed with the ACOD/CGSP socialist union, the Christian union ACV/CSC is not satisfied and continues its actions.

(*) The cancellation of the Lufthansa flights might be due to the software problems at German ATC provider.



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