Belgocontrol in search of new air traffic controllers


Belgocontrol is recruiting new air traffic controllers. Interested candidates can apply as from today. At the end of a rigorous selection process, 12 candidates will be allowed to start their training as air traffic controllers.

The call for candidates is launched today through the Belgian Official Gazette as well as a social media campaign. Candidates have to be resident in one of the European Union Member States, to be holder of a secondary school certificate or degree at the beginning of the training and have to provide a police record. Specific prior training is not required. Enrolment is open until 6 February 2015.

Rigorous selection
The selection procedure starts as from early March. Candidates will be thoroughly screened for a number of skills such as responsiveness and judgement, planning, spatial awareness and multitasking. During a psychological assessment and a group discussion, they will be extensively tested for their motivation, their understanding of the job content, perseverance, resistance to stress and working in team. A good knowledge of English is also an assessment criterion. Finally, a medical examination verifies the candidates’ general bill of health (blood analysis, blood pressure, lung capacity, ear, nose and throat, hearing and sight).

As from August the 12 best candidates will start their training to become tower air traffic controllers. That training takes two years and consists of two parts. The first part – the Initial Training – will provide the candidate air traffic controller with a solid basis. The candidate will then move on to the second part, the Unit Training, during which he will gain more in-depth knowledge and in which he will be specifically trained for one of the five airports at which Belgocontrol manages air traffic (Brussels, Antwerp, Ostend, Liege or Charleroi). After those two modules, the candidate can start to work as tower air traffic controller. By taking further courses air traffic controllers can subsequently evolve to become approach or en-route controller.

Only the very best
An air traffic controller’s job is highly coveted in Belgium. Since the latest recruitment round in 2010, thousands of people have expressed their interest. They will be personally informed of the new recruitment procedure so that they can effectively apply. Other candidates are most welcome too of course. The extremely rigorous selection tests and the very limited number of candidates who are admitted to the exceptionally intensive training, guarantee the quality of our air traffic controllers and in that way, the safety of air traffic. Belgocontrol does not in the least compromise on that.

Monday 12 January 2015


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