Belgocontrol repeats demand for framework law following preliminary relief proceedings


Belgocontrol has taken note of the appeal in preliminary relief proceedings initiated by east of Brussels residents against the Belgian State and the autonomous public company. Belgocontrol will gladly comply with any request of the Court of Justice to provide further explanations and defend its rights at the same time.

The new action in the long-standing noise hindrance story at Brussels Airport reinforces Belgocontrol’s conviction that it is necessary to adopt a framework law for determining and modifying flight procedures. According to the air navigation service provider, such a law is the only means to guarantee the operational and legal stability that air traffic safety needs.

Meanwhile, Belgocontrol invests in transparency concerning its activities. Since last year the airport’s Ombudsman’s office is equipped with the same computer tools as our air traffic controllers to verify runway use. In February Belgocontrol created a website in collaboration with Brussels Airport, where residents can follow air traffic and runway use at Brussels National Airport in real time. The preliminary relief proceedings do not diminish Belgocontrol’s wish of offering more transparency about its activities.

Wednesday 24 June 2015


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