Belgian air navigation service provider Skeyes gets paid for services provided to Brussels and the regional airports

© skeyes

The Belgian Council of Ministers gave the go-ahead for paying skeyes the service fee for 2021. This will help the national air navigation service provider to continue to operate. 

As a result of the enormous drop in air traffic at the Belgian airports and in the Belgian airspace, skeyes‘ income also decreased. These mainly come from airline companies that compensate skeyes for the services it provides. Another part comes from the federal and regional authorities according to an allocation key. However, the fixed costs for skeyes persist because the company has to remain operational in order to guarantee safety for the remaining traffic.

In 2020, skeyes managed to respond to this major challenge thanks to the strategy of the last five years which made skeyes a healthy financial company. In line with government guidelines, skeyes also switched to teleworking for all non-operational services and all measures to protect the health and safety of staff were strictly applied.

In order to remain solvent, skeyes had to resort to public aid via the federal government and Eurocontrol in 2020. This support was conditional on internal measures such as phasing out historical leave.


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