Air navigation service providers Skeyes and ANA-Lux together examine flight procedures


skeyes and ANA-LUX defined today in an agreement the terms of their collaboration regarding the design and amendment of flight procedures.

The maintenance of flight procedures consists of analysing the impact that changes in the regulatory framework, obstacle surveys, airport infrastructure and the findings of an aviation safety investigation may have. Later, a periodic review of flight procedures is carried out at regular intervals to ensure their adequacy with the applicable requirements. It focuses particularly on procedures that have not been changed since the last review. Exceptional changes, such as an airspace amendment, will be subject to a specific ad-hoc procedure. 

With today’s agreement, skeyes commits to assist ANA-LUX in the maintenance, periodic review and protection of flight procedures at Luxembourg Airport. This includes

  • issuing a publication report, allowing analysis by the regulator and publication in the AIP,
  • creating aeronautical charts
  • and issuing a summary report on the impact of urban planning projects on the publication of flight procedures.

The following services will be provided by ANA-LUX:

  • training of air traffic controllers on services related to the contract,
  • delivering items that entail the need for maintenance or protection of procedures
  • and safety-related activities, including getting certifications and licensing issued by the competent Luxembourg authorities.

Johan Decuyper, skeyes CEO: “The smooth collaboration between skeyes and ANA-LUX continues to bear fruit. This agreement goes to the heart of our activities: flight procedures are the basis for guaranteeing air traffic safety. By joining our skills, we are working together to ensure the future of the Belgian-Luxembourg airspace and that of our airports.”


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